2018 Annual Awards Night Wrap Up

2018 Annual Awards Night Wrap Up

Softball WA’s Awards ‘Night of Nights’ was held at The Italian Club on the Friday, 13th of April 2018. Over 200 players, parents, staff, volunteers and partners attended the annual event dedicated to showcase the achievements on and off the diamond in the 2017-18 season.

Massive thanks to Jill Green, Mel Purser & Shannon Hearne for coordinating this event. Their amazing work behind the scenes made for a great night for all in attendance. Special mention to Ali Brooks for taking photos of award recipients on the night. Your efforts do not go unnoticed.

This night is about celebrating the achievements of not only our State Team players but also the achievements of many people who have contributed to our sport in WA for a very long period of time. It is also a night of great opportunity to catch-up with everyone and share stories or memorable moments from the year; but also for some, stories from many, many years ago.

Meritorous Awards

Awards Recipient
Umpire of the Year Warren Duff
Official of the Year Kathryn Wylie
Administrator of the Year Jayne Pleysier
Affiliate of the Year Bunbury & Districts Softball Association
Regional Volunteer of the Year Sue Mundy
Metropolitan Volunteer of the Year Pani Haereroa
Metropolitan Volunteer of the Year  Laurie Prior


Pic above: Jayne Pleysier (Administrator of the Year),  Kathryn Wylie (Official of the Year)


Pic above: Laurie Prior & Marietjie Haereroa – on behalf of Pani Haereroa (Volunteer of the Year), Warren Jones (Affiliate of the Year)


Throughout the evening guests were treated to a 2 course dinner while recognition was given to worthy players and key volunteers for their efforts.

The first awards of the night was announcing the newest Life Member of Softball WA. Congratulations to Karen Sullivan for your commitment to the sport, what you have showed is remarkable and this acknowledgment is a testament to the efforts you have put in over the years.

Premier League Awards

Congratulations to the following players:

 Awards Recipients Stats Team
Batting Award Samantha Poole 0.684 Fremantle Mariners
Pitching Award Kelsey Kessler 0.65  Earned run average Fremantle Mariners
Fielding Award  Sandy Touchell  Flames
 Fielding Award  Luci Powell Carine Cats
 Rising Star Award  Sara Riou  Carine Cats
 Premier League Most Valuable Player  Samantha Poole  Fremantle Mariners
 Shirley Schneider Medal
(Player of the Grand Final)
 Kelsey Kessler  Fremantle Mariners

Junior State Teams

Congratulation to the individual award recipients in the U15 categories:

Team Name Award Stats
 U15 Girls White Abbygail Bushby Best Batter 0.312
Hayley Whelan MVP
U15 Girls Gold Willow Swinbourn Best Batter 0.480
Willow Swinbourn MVP
U15 Boys Bryce Baker Best Batter 0.480
Alex Bransby MVP

Congratulation to the U17 individual award recipients:

Team Name Award Stats
 U17 Girls Tamikah Turner-Hames Best Batter 0.487
Gemma Hooker MVP
U17 Boys Jayden French Best Batter  0.316
Austin Hagan MVP

Congratulation to all the U19 individual award recipients:

Team Name Award Stats
U19 Girls Sara Riou Best Batter 0.464
Sara Riou MVP
U19 Boys Jett Wright Best Batter  0.484
Jordan Howell MVP

Senior State Teams

Congratulations to all the U23 individual recipients: 

Team Name Award Stats
U23 Women Holly Onley RBIs 3
Goergina Bushby RBIs 3
Emily Watson MVP
U23 Men Mathew Beckett RBIs 5
Kurt Barbarich MVP

Congratulation to the individual awards recipients for the WA Open teams:

Team Name Award Stats
 Open Women
Leigh Godfrey Best Batter 0.591
Leigh Godfrey MVP
Open Men
Brendon O’Byrne Best Batter  0.448
Brendon O’Byrne MVP


Newcrest Mining Spirit Award

This award is awarded to a recipient that displays excellence on the softball diamond and outstanding qualities off the diamond. The recipient of this award has been commended for her commitment, leadership and professionalism to the sport.  Prior to the tournament, she had recently recovered from surgery to become the best batter in the nationals in 2018.  She has set the example for every player in this state on how to rehabilitate professionally and persevere through challenges.  Congratulations to Leigh Godfrey on receiving this Award.

Newcrest Mining Spirit Award

Most Promising Junior Award

This award has been reinstated after many years of inactivity since 2000. This award goes to an Under 15 Junior Player who has displayed great potential and development over the last year to one day having the potential to be a dynamite on the field. Congratulations to Ashlee Harwood on receiving this Award.

Most Promising Junior

Softball WA would just like to congratulate all players, officials and volunteers for their outstanding work throughout the 2017-18 season and hope you see all next year for a more successful and better season for WA.