Paige Smith – Under 16 Aussie Diamond Squad

Paige Smith – Under 16 Aussie Diamond Squad

Let’s read what Paige has to say about her experience on the Japan Tour 2018…….

In your words, in general, what was your experience like in Japan?

This tour was an eye-opener. You get an understanding of how much softball means to people.


How did you feel when you pulled on the Australian colours to play your first game for your country?

At first, I felt nervous because what if I did not play well whilst wearing the Australian Colours, but I realised it was an honour and then felt a sense of pride.


What did you gain/learn from the tour and what life experiences did you learn, if any?

I gained some amazing life experiences; learnt that you really have to work to be good and not to take anything for granted. As I believe here in Australia, we are very fortunate as we have some of the best softball facilities available for us.


In your opinion, what was your highlight of the Tour?

I would say having the chance to not only make friends from all across Australia but also the new friends I now have in Japan. And the exchange of knowledge of the game of softball and learning new skills.


Who was the best player you played against and why?

I can’t remember their name, but she was from the high school in China. She played with such love for the game and had the most respect for her team mates and coach. She played every second as if it were her last.


Softball Career

What age did you start playing softball?

13 years old.


What Club did you start playing for? Who do you play for now?

I started at Pacers Softball Club and I am currently playing for Jaguars Softball Club.


What is your favourite fielding position?

I do not have just one, but my top three are Pitcher, First base and Third base.


Who is your inspiration to keep striving to be the best?

By far….Stacey Porter !!!


Who do you look up to in the Softball community?

Jaylee Snowden (Pitcher for Diamondbacks) and my brother Matthew Johns (Played State when he was 16)


Over the course of your playing career, what opportunities and achievements have you had in softball? Please list 3-4 most memorable or highest achievements.

  1. Japan Tour of 2018.
  2. Aussie Sparks LA/Hawaii Tour 2016
  3. Winner of Midland NAIDOC Sportsperson of the Year 2 years in a row (2017 & 2018)
  4. Selected in WA State U19 team at the age of 14 years.


What goals have you set for yourself going forwards?

Possibly look at playing College Softball in the US.


What is the best advice you can give other young girls hoping to play for Australia?

Take in everything you can. Soak it up and do not miss an opportunity to learn.