Smarter than Smoking Junior State Championships – Results

Smarter than Smoking Junior State Championships – Results

The Smarter than Smoking Junior State Championships was recently held over the March Long Weekend. It was a fantastic event with a total of 13 teams participating over the three age groups. It was great to see some fantastic softball being played from all levels, and it’s even better to see what a great future we have coming through our junior age groups.

Shannon Hearne, Softball WA’s Participation & Development Officer has commented on the weekend and would like to acknowledge the following people for making the weekend possible.

I would like to personally thank the umpires and coaches on working together for the betterment of game quality and participation and development of the players. In particular I would like to thank Jamie McLean & Steve Gunter for coordinating all the umpires for the games this weekend, you did a fantastic job and it wouldn’t have been possible without you so thank you. Also well done to our 5 Green Shirt Umpires who did a fantastic job over the weekend. So great to see umpires of all levels of experience out there supporting our game!

I would like to thank Kevin Osbourne and Laurie Prior for working tirelessly over the weekend to ensure the diamonds were ready for every game both here and over at Herb Graham over the weekend.
I would also like to thank Ian and Vicki Powell, and Tricia Pearce, for running the canteen over the weekend. And to everyone else who chipped in and helped when they could, I truly appreciate all your efforts as this weekend wouldn’t have been possible without you.

As always there can only be one eventual winner of the championships. Please see below Team Champions and Most Valuable Player (U15 & U17 only) for each age group:

U13’s Mixed Competition:

Champions – Morley Eagles Softball Club

U15 Girls Competition:

Champions – SEMSA Cobras

Most Valuable Player – Zoe Purcell (WBC Wildcats)














U17 Girls Competition:

Champions – Jaguars Softball Club

Most Valuable Player – Paige Smith (Jaguars)

This year, thanks to one of our major partners – Healthway, we had a new acknowledgement of announcing an All-Star Team of 10 players for each Age Group based on outstanding performances that were selected by the umpires for each game. Please see below the players selected in the All-Star Teams:

U13’s Mixed All Star Team:

  • Ben Nesbitt – Morley Eagles
  • Blaine Gilchrist – Rockingham
  • Amy Mather – UWA
  • Kasey Touchell – SEMSA Cobras
  • Francessca Baker – UWA
  • Phoebe Perkins – Rockingham
  • Maddie Daley – Morley Eagles
  • Poppy Moore – UWA
  • Ruby Clarke – Rockingham
  • Kendra Papertalk – SEMSA Cobras

U15 Girls All Star Team:

  • Jade Mellowship – SEMSA Cobras
  • Monique Formalin – Carine Cats
  • Zoe Purcell – Wildcats
  • Kyle Ackerer – UWA
  • Chelsea Urbas – SEMSA Cobras
  • Lila Gharbi – UWA
  • Katelyn Arnold – Carine Cats
  • Ebony Stockridge – Wildcats
  • Taylah Pedder – SEMSA Cobras
  • Kira McVeigh – UWA

U17 Girls All Star Team:

  • Amber Bloxsome – Carine Cats
  • Willow Swinbourne – Wildcats
  • Paige Smith – Jaguars
  • Beth Carey – Jaguars
  • Araia Nepia – SEMSA Cobras
  • Olivia Kuzminski – Carine Cats
  • Brooke Clappinson – Jaguars
  • Abby Kirby – SEMSA Cobras
  • Ashlee Harwood – Carine Cats
  • Minda Papertalk – Wildcats
  • Paige Carkeek – WildcatS

Shannon Hearne 
Participation & Development Officer, SWA