Talent Development Committee – 2018 Results & 2019 Priorities

Talent Development Committee – 2018 Results & 2019 Priorities

Softball WA Talent Development Committee (TDC) achieved several key results during 2018 as a result of efforts from the Committee, SWA office staff and importantly those involved in the sport volunteering their time and expertise to assist SWA deliver a stronger State Teams program.

The focus this year has been continuing to raise the profile of SWA through improving transparency and increasing accountability in the State Teams Program.  Key achievements relating to this include the following.


  1. State Teams Program Schedule – calendar of key events & milestones associated with the State Teams & Player Development Program (aiming to publish on SWA website in the new year)
  2. State Teams Officials Selection Report template – standard template used in recommending state officials to SWA Board for approval.
  3. State Player Selection Criteria & Assessment and State Team Selection Report templates – standard templates used by all State Teams Selection Panels to assess, select and recommend state players and teams to TDC and SWA Board for endorsement.
  4. State Teams mandatory Independent Selectors – re-introduction of mandatory Independent Selectors across all state teams. Positive feedback received on this initiative.
  5. State Teams Player Selection Trials Event – re-introduction of a full day, game simulation player selection trial event for U19W, U17G & U15G teams.
  6. Extended underage State Teams training (from 3 to 5 months) – as a result of feedback from players, parents & officials post January 2018 Championships. Planning to review again post January 2019 Championships feedback.
  7. Specialist Pitcher & Catcher Program – introduced specialist program for state selected players. Planning to review and widen program post January 2019 Championships feedback.

The focus for 2019 will be continuing to actively promote increased transparency and accountability in the State Teams Program and an improved focus on the Player Development Program.  Key priorities considered relating to this include the following.


  1. ECU Player Testing – program review and implementation of standard testing and ECU resourcing support across all state teams.
  2. Specialist Skills Academies – review and update the Diamond, Development & Specialist Pitcher & Catcher Academies to identify needed programs and improve focus on required player development at the Novice, Intermediate and Advanced levels.
  3. Junior Championships – review current program with the view of increasing the number of and participation levels.
  4. Underage State Teams changes from 2020 – align SWA with new SAL underage group levels U18, U16, U14 & U12.  Determine appropriate support and structure a program that attracts and retains the maximum number of participants (officials and players).
  5. WA Regional engagement – improve WA regional engagement and pathways to the State Teams Program for both officials and players.
  6. Sponsorship & Fundraising – identify sponsorship funding sources and assist implementation of a standard fundraising platform to support & deliver the SWA State Teams and Player Development programs.


SWA TDC consists of minimum two SWA Board members and up to three independent members and is responsible for:

  • Coordinating the recruitment of State Teams Program officials & players;
  • Recommending Player Development programs and initiatives; and
  • Reviewing current talent identification activities and provide guidance in developing an integrated state-wide approach.

The TDC in 2018 included the following members:

  1. Paul Hamersley (Independent member) – current Chair
  2. Shirley Schneider (Independent member)
  3. Karen Sullivan (State Director Coaching) – ceased August 2018
  4. Bill Leonard (Board member) – ceased December 2018
  5. Warren Duff (Board member)
  6. Rob Loiacono (Board member)


The TDC is actively looking for Independent members to join the TDC in the new year. If you are interested in helping develop the SWA State Teams and Player Development programs, please contact SWA office by email at ceo@softballwa.org.au or on (08) 6181 3900.