As per the Softball WA Constitution, there are three classes of membership available to Softball WA. These are:

  1. Clubs/Associations: a body or group registered for the purposes of playing softball in the state of Western Australia.
  2. Individual Members: classified as individuals registered who are involved or participate in the sport. There are five main member types: Senior, Junior, Sub-Junior, Official and Off-Diamond. Further descriptions can be found in the Softball Australia Membership Policy.
  3. Life Members: individuals recognised for their distinguished service to the sport and have assisted in the advancement of softball in Western Australia. These individuals Life Membership is conferred at Annual General Meetings.

Individual affiliated members all pay an individual registration fee through to their club or association depending on their membership type. These fees contribute towards the provision of member benefits and programs that Softball WA and Softball Australia provide as the governing bodies of softball. Each organisation also relies on other revenue sources such as grants, sponsorship and income from programs and events to operate and deliver the services to members. Importantly, individual members registration fees contribute to the support, guidance and assistance that Softball WA and Softball Australia gives to clubs and associations who are the organisers of softball competitions.

Within the three classes of membership, only clubs or associations who have nominated to be affiliated are afforded the right to debate and vote at Softball WA General Meetings. Please note, if an association or clubs affiliates with Softball WA, as per rule 8.3 of the Softball WA Constitution, each affiliated body is to keep a register of individual members acceptable to Softball WA (ie. Sports TG). The affiliated association or clubs once affiliated is entitled to debate and one vote at Softball WA General Meetings.

All clubs who participate in competitions of an affiliated association are considered affiliate members of Softball WA and will receive the benefits from Softball WA. However, if the club is not affiliated individually, they will not receive the right to debate and one vote at Softball WA General Meetings, until they have completed the form below ‘Application for Affiliation’. A club within an affiliated association is entitled to affiliate independently with Softball WA (refer rule 11.2 of the Softball WA Constitution) and upon acceptance has the right to debate and one vote at Softball WA General Meetings.

In the situation where a club is not part of an affiliated association, they too have the opportunity to affiliate independently with Softball WA and the club or individuals are able to obtain the benefits of Softball WA affiliation. It is important to note, some benefits are subject to Softball WA current policies. Clubs in this situation should contact the Softball WA Office in the first instance in order to obtain clarification, given these policies change from time to time.

Associations or clubs who are already affiliated, will re-affiliate automatically each year unless the association or club specifies in writing to the Softball WA Office why they are not choosing to re-affiliate.

Associations or clubs wishing to apply to affiliate, should complete the following Application for Affiliation and then email a copy of their draft or finalised Constitution to Please note, associations or clubs applying to affiliate must be incorporated or in the process of incorporation (refer to rule 11.1 of the Softball WA Constitution).

For more information, please contact the Softball WA Office on 6181 3900.