Softball WA is governed by a Board consisting of minimum of five and up to maximum of seven elected members who are appointed to two year terms and two independent board members.

The current Softball WA Directors are:

Nicole Winstone (Chairperson) – Term expires November 2020

Robert Loiacono (Deputy Chair) – Term expires November 2021

Warren Duff  – Term expires November 2021

Andrew Linfoot – Term expires November 2021

Karen Sullivan – Term expires November 2020

Tiffany Allen – Term expires November 2020

Julie Ann Pooley – Term expires November 2020

Vicky Krishnamurthy (Appointed Director) – Term expires March 2021

Softball WA Board Committee’s

A number of committees report to the board to assist in the organisations strategy development and operational tasks. Each committee has a terms of reference that outlines the scope of their duties and responsibilities. Terms of reference can be found by clicking on the relevant committee.

Governance Committee – Dec 2016 Approved

Talent Development Committee – Dec 2016 Approved

Meritorious Awards Committee – Dec 2016 Approved

Participation & Competitions Committee – Dec 2016 Approved

Finance Audit & Risk Committee – Dec 2016 Approved

Constitution & Regulations

The Softball WA Constitution:

  • Outlines the Purpose and Powers of Softball WA
  • Lists all of the rules of operation
  • Sets out the affiliated members’ rights and responsibilities

The Constitution of the Association shall not be added to, replaced, altered or amended except by Special Resolution, submitted as a Notice of Motion for the Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary Meeting of the Association called for that purpose.

Softball WA’s Regulations outline the how the Association is expected operate and the key duties of office bearers of the Association.


Softball WA is governed by various policies approved by the Board and/or Softball Australia. These can be found by clicking on the Policies page.


Their are various publications that Softball WA publishes from time to time. These can be found at the Publications section of the website.


Their are a number of forms required to be completed. For a full list of forms, please visit the Forms webpage.

Strategic Plan

Softball WA – 2020 Strategy is the sports Strategic Plan which will provide direction for Softball in Western Australia until the year 2020. The plan was developed for a ‘whole of sport’ purpose. In its development, extensive consultation was undertaken with over twenty phone or face-to-face interviews and 62 people responding to an e-survey. The new Strategy will begin implementation from 1 July 2016, with updates on its progress to be provided annually at the Softball WA Annual General Meeting and within the Softball WA Annual Report.

A summarised version of the plan can be found by clicking here.