You are never too young or too old to play softball! There is always an opportunity to play regardless of your skill level. There are a number of clubs and associations across Western Australia who offer a number of participation opportunities. To find a club or association near you, please visit the Where to Play page.

The following outlines the participation opportunities depending on your age and skill level.

Softball Batter Up

Softball Batter Up is Softball Australia’s national junior recruitment program designed to develop physical and social skills and an understanding of the game.

Softball Batter Up is an eight lesson program targeting children from kindergarten to Year 6 and is offered over four different levels (32 Lesson Plans in total). The program has been designed to be flexible in its delivery and to reflect the individual abilities and experience of each participant.

As well as having access to the 32 Lesson Plans, the trained SBU coach can also design their own Lessons Plans using more than 100 different softball activities. This provides a variety of different activities every week while learning the fundamental skills of the game in a fun, safe and engaging environment.

The  program is based on the Game Sense approach rather than a direct coaching method. The game is the focus and the coach is the facilitator, which allows the participants to learn through discovery with discrete coaching provided through questioning. The coach can make changes to a game or activity to allow for maximum participation and enjoyment.

For the next available Softball Batter Up program, please contact our Participation and Development Officer via email on

Little League

In 2012, Little League Softball was introduced in Western Australia and offered a pathway for girls to play internationally. The age group’s for Little League Softball are Under 13’s (Little League) and Under 15’s (Junior league).

Little League (and Junior League) consists of two distinct phases – regular season play and tournament play. In regular season play, each League (also known as Charters) consist of a group of up to 10 teams.

Opportunities also exist to play teams outside of regular season play (All Star Championships) and within a Charter representation team known as the State Championship. Winning charter teams have the opportunity to participate internationally at the Asia Pacific Championships and/or the Little League World Series.

Please contact your local association to see if they offer Little League Softball.

Junior Fastpitch

Junior Fastpitch is typically played in club and association competitions and is the traditional basis for elite state, national, and international championships and events. To find your nearest junior fastpitch competition, please visit the Where to Play page.

Social 7s

Social 7’s is Softball Australia’s new slowpitch version of softball that is fast, fun and easy to play, with seven players on each team.

This version of the game is perfect for beginners and experienced players; there’s no pressure – the emphasis is all about fun. The game can be played in mixed gender teams and has plenty of action to keep everyone involved and active. Find out more at

Senior Fastpitch

Senior Fastpitch is typically played in club and association competitions and is the traditional basis for elite state, national, and international championships and events. To find your nearest senior fastpitch competition, please visit the Where to Play page.


Masters competitions and events are for participants 35 years of age and older. There are many national and international masters events, all of which offer physical activity in a social environment and festival atmosphere. Softball is one of the highest participant sports in masters’ games.

Event opportunities include:

  • Softball NSW Masters  – various locations
  • Softball Queensland Masters – held annually
  • Softball Victoria Masters – held annually
  • Australian Masters Games – held biennially in various locations
  • World Masters Games – held every four years in various locations
  • Alice Springs Masters Games – held biennially
  • Pan Pacific Masters Games – held biennially on the Gold Coast, Qld

For local Masters playing opportunities, please contact your local association. Their details can be found at the Where to Play page.