As a result of the cancellation of the Preliminary and Grand Final rounds due to the COVID19 Pandemic in Australia, the PSL Competitions Committee has deliberated over the Premiership winners for the 2019/20 season. The assessment was made by all committee members with the exception of circumstances where a conflict of interest arose.

The committee decided unanimously that the following teams are the Premiership winners for their respective divisions:

U14 Mixed – Morley Eagles Blue
U16 Girls – Woodlands Wolves Blue

Division 1 – Carine Cats
Division 2 – Vikings White
Division 3 – Carine Cats Black
Division 4 – Demons
Division 5 – Carine Cats
Division 6 – Carine Legends

Masters Mens 1 – Western Masters
Masters Mens 2 – Vikings
Masters Womens 1 – Coastal Invasion
Masters Womens 2 – Perth Cats

The PSL Competitions Committee applied a fair and even rule across the board, deciding that the Minor Premier would become the Premiership winner. In the event that the top two teams had the same amount of points, the semi final winner determined the Premiership winner.

The PSL Competitions Committee and Softball WA would like to officially congratulate all Premiership winners.

The unprecedented COVID19 pandemic has proven challenging for everyone and the Committee would like to thank all clubs, teams and players for their understanding over this difficult time. We wish you and your families a healthy and safe 2020 and will see you back next season!