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Strategic Plan

The Softball WA – 2020 Strategy has been developed for a ‘whole of sport’ purpose. In its development, extensive consultation was undertaken with over twenty phone or face-to-face interviews and 62 people responding to an e-survey. The state-wide plan sets some ambitious goals for Softball in WA, with the vision of creating a united Softball community throughout the state. The new Strategy will begin implementation from 1 July 2016, with updates on its progress to be provided annually at the Softball WA Annual General Meeting and within the Softball WA Annual Report. A copy of the full plan and summarised version can be found by clicking on the below links.

Softball WA – 2020 Strategy

Softball WA – 2020 Strategy (Summary)


16 Reasons to Affiliate with Softball WA

The following document provides a summary of the 16 key reasons and benefits that affiliate members receive by affiliating with Softball WA.

16 Reasons to Affiliate with Softball WA